Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chicken with dried chilies (শুকনো লঙ্কা মুরগি)

I had few chicken drumsticks left in the freezer. Today was a lazy day and I wanted to cook something easy but different. I remembered this recipe which I had read in an old magazine. This recipe is not the same as "kancha lonka murgi" (কাঁচালঙ্কা মুরগি)/green chili chicken. In this flavorful recipe I have used dried red chili (শুকনো লঙ্কা).

Chicken (6 drumsticks) - cleaned/washed
Onion - 1
Ginger - 2" piece
Garlic - 1 tbsp (crushed)
Whole garam masala (cardamom - 2, cinnamon - 1" piece, clove - 4)
Dried red chili - 10 (deseeded)
Turmeric powder

Grind onion and ginger together. Next sieve it to collect the onion-ginger juice.
Smear chicken drumsticks with salt and turmeric and keep it aside for a while.
Heat oil and ghee together in a wok.
Add whole garam masala in it and fry for few seconds.
Next add the chicken and fry until color changes to light brown; it is important not to overcook the chicken.
Now add the onion-ginger juice and crushed garlic into it. Fry it for a while, then keep the flame low and cook until the raw smell of onion goes away.
Add salt, sugar and dry red chili to it.
Cover it and cook it in low flame until chicken is well cooked.
I kept the gravy of thick consistency (মাখা মাখা).

I have used a muslin cloth to collect the juice out from onion-ginger paste.
I have used 3-4 round dried red chilies (these are not that hot, but add flavor) and 5-6 dried red chilies (with seed) in this preparation to keep a balance of flavor and taste.

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