Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Roasted Mutton Curry - Valentine's Day Special

On Valentine's Day my husband surprised me with a very special mutton dish. He is a good cook, specially with different types of meat recipes. Even our friends love the mutton dishes he makes. He made a mutton curry and yet again it tasted awesome! He referred Vah-chef Sanjay Thumma's recipe of Rara Gosht.

Vah-chef is simply a genius at his art. His videos are a reflection of his passion towards cooking. Both me and my husband follow Vah-chef on social media. His website VahrehVah is a treasure trove of his many creations and each single item looks perfectly crafted. We have already tried many of his recipes and have never been disappointed. The best part of Vah-chef's recipe is that he uses common ingredients and explores simple ways of preparing them. His videos are fun to watch too! He is a live wire in them and is an expert at presentation. Towards the end of these videos, specially when the food is ready, happiness reflects all over his face. His excitement for tasty food is so viral, this alone will make you want to prepare those items. And his tagline is so appropriate:  "It's is all about inspiring others to cook"

Mutton - 1 lb (Medium pieces)
Minced Mutton Meat / Keema - 1 Cup
Onion - 1 Big (Sliced)
Ginger Paste - 2 Tbsp
Garlic Paste - 2 Tbsp
Dry Red Chili Paste - According to taste
Tomato - 3 (Finely Chopped)
Coriander Powder - 2 Tsp
Greek Yogurt / Hung Curd - 1/2 Cup
Mint - 2 Tbsp (Chopped)
Cilantro - 1 Cup (Chopped)
Warm Water

For Garam Masala:
Black Cumin / Shaheejeera

Dry roast all the garam masala ingredients and then grind to a powder.
Heat oil.
Fry mutton pieces in high flame for 5-8 minutes and then in medium flame until it turns brown in color.

Add onion and 1 tsp of salt and fry on medium flame till the onion turns golden brown in color.

Add ginger-garlic paste and fry until the raw flavor is gone.
Now add coriander powder, salt, chili paste and mix it well.
Add tomato, curd and mix well.

Add chopped mint leaves and cilantro.
Cook it covered on a low flame for 5-8 minutes.
Add warm water, mix well and cook it covered for another 5 minutes.
Now add the minced meat, mix well and cook it covered on low flame until the mutton is tender.

Add the ground garam masala made earlier, mix well and its ready to serve.

I have used few red hot dry chili and few round dry chili (which are not hot). I soaked them in warm water for couple of minutes and then made a paste.


Sutapa said...

Vibrant post..Vah chef is my husband's fav too.

zest and leisure said...

Thank you! :)

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