Monday, March 30, 2015

Glimpse from A White Morning

Winter of 2015 was literally brutal in this part of New England. We received a record amount of snow, about 110.6 inches (source: Even after staying on the East coast for 7+ years, both me and my husband, haven't yet got used to it's winter. A few days back we were joking that every winter we should just hibernate and altogether avoid going out in this cold and freezing weather. No matter how much I hate winter, view of the snow covered trees and the white surrounding has it's own serene aura. On such a snowy morning we went out for a walk to capture some of that white beauty. Here are few photos from that day. 

Also I have taken many quick photos of my snowy surroundings on my phone and have uploaded them onto my instagram account (zestandleisure). Here is a collage of some of those pictures.


Anindya said...

Loved these pictures . Might be some lonely cold winter afternoon I will knock your doors along with my family to allow us to stay and click these pictures .

zest and leisure said...

Thank you Anindya! Waiting for that door knock :)