Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Restaurant Review - Bergamot (Somerville, MA)

This is the first restaurant review I am publishing on my blog. Though I do write reviews regularly on Trip Advisor and Yelp, I haven't done this before on my blog. I have been planning to do this for some time, but it just didn't happen. Most of it were because the pictures did not turn out to be that great. Restaurants around dinner time are mostly  dimly lighted to keep the proper ambiance; so getting a nice and clear shot is not always possible. But as they say, everything has a beginning, so here it goes!

This Monday we went to Bergamot for dinner. A few months back we bought a Groupon offer of theirs for a 7-course Chef's Tasting menu for two. Finally we decided to reserve a table for us this week. They don't take OpenTable reservations for tasting menu (since it takes longer, about 2.5 hours for this), so we called them much in advance to put us on the list. They run pretty busy on any day, and getting a table on the weekends is not that easy. The groupon said, the dinner was French, but we later found out that the restaurant is more American. The dinner menu items were not pure French, but more of the American-French style; you can even consider them as a fusion type; they even served a Korean style skirt steak entrée. The portions were obviously small (as all upscale French restaurants do), but by the time you finish dinner, you will be full. The restaurant ambiance was casual and was dimly lighted. Please excuse the grainy pictures; there was insufficient ambient light, so I had to bump up the ISO.

Complimentary Bread
This was the usual complimentary fare and it tasted real good!

We had 3 drinks that evening-

Chambéry Gimlet & Beacon FIx

And Paper Plane

Samosa-potato filled fried spring roll with fruit chutney
This was another complimentary item served to us. It tasted like an authentic samosa would, specially the chutney was superb!

Roasted Beets
We loved this item; the beets were succulent and the seed crackers were a perfect balance to the plate.

Bean Salad
This tasted okay; nothing special as such.

I loved this item. They served it over a bed of rich parsley sauce.


Mahi Mole
This dish was not that good, rather it tasted mediocre. The fish was dry, chewy and tasted bland. However, the elements of the dish was an interesting choice.

Korean-Style Grilled Short Rib
The grilled beef was good; probably if they cooked it a bit less (more pink in the middle), it would have been great.

Peach Panna Cotta served with Blueberries
This dessert was made very nice. The blueberries were perfectly balancing it.

Vanilla bean Ice-Cream with Charred Cherry Sauce
This was my favorite item on the menu for the evening.

They served Coconut Macaroons with the check. These were yum!

This seven course dinner is actually $75/person. But we payed $70 total for two; so I won't be complaining, specially since Bergamot was in my list of go to restaurants for quite some time now. I will say, Bergamot is definitely worth a visit. We enjoyed our evening there.