Monday, October 5, 2015

Restaurant Review - Pintxo Pincho Tapas Bar (Woburn, MA)

It was my husband's birthday on the 1st. I baked a red velvet cake for him which he absolutely loved! Later we went out for dinner to this Spanish Tapas restaurant Pintxo Pincho Tapas Bar. I was planning to write a blogpost on the cake first. But I am yet to sort and edit the photos, so I decided to write the restaurant review first. This is the first time we visited this restaurant. My husband actually was not too keen to visit a tapas restaurant, but then he has never been to one, so this time I was able to convince him to go here. On a different note, my husband recently bought me a One Plus 2 phone and all the photos in this post are taken on my OP2 camera.

Being a tapas restaurant, the portion sizes were small; so we ended up ordering 11 savory dishes. We chose from those dishes which we have never tasted before and were also a bit exotic. This restaurant serves different types of paella(s) as well (each of these are full sized entree priced at around $30), but we decided to stick with the tapas items. For drinks, I ordered a glass of red sangria, which was good, and he went for a beer.

Complimentary Cheese Bread

Pincho de Tortilla (Spanish omelet)

Morcipan (Home made Blood sausage grilled over bread)

Boquerrones en Vinagre (Fresh anchovies w/ olives)

Pulpo a la Gallega (Galician octopus w/pimenton de la vera, olive oil flake salt)

Codorniz al ajillo (Quail legs in garlic)

Conejo en salsa de Almendras (Rabbit in almond sauce)

Croquetas de Chorizo (Creamy chorizo croquettes)

Croquetas de Jamon Iberico (Jamon Iberico croquettes)

Albondigas de cordero (Lamb meatballs w/ brandy/saffron sauce)

Calamar en su tinta (Squid w/ ink)

Solomillo con Cabrales (Beef tenderloin w/blue cheese)

The food was very good. We just loved it. The spanish omelet was a cold dish, but it tasted real good! We were little skeptical when we ordered the blood sausage and anchovies but both turned out great! The quail legs were crispy and tasty, the octopus and squids were fresh too. The only item we did not like was the rabbit meat. It could be because of the texture of the meat (was quite chewy) and also had a strong meaty smell. My personal favorite were the croquettes; they were crispy from outside, but just melts in your mouth and were super tasty. We were quite full by the end of our meal, so ordered just one dessert - White chocolate bread pudding. I have always loved bread pudding but this one was the best I have ever had.

All the dishes were good and priced reasonably, ranging between $3 to $12. The restaurant's location is convenient with plenty of street parking; but finding a spot on a weekend night might be a little tough. The restaurant is not very big, so it's a good idea to call them beforehand. We called them prior to reaching there but they said they don't take reservation for less than a group of 4 persons. The ambiance of the restaurant was nice, had both high tables and the regular ones. The staff were courteous too! So all in all we had a great time.

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