Sunday, December 20, 2015

Restaurant Review - Sarma (Somerville, MA)

Recently we went to Sarma for our anniversary dinner. Sarma was D's choice. When we called them up for reservation, we were surprised to know that even on a weekday no table was available before 9.30 pm. So we decided that we will just walk in. Other than regular tables, a section of the restaurant has high tables and bar seating for walk-ins. Personally we did not like the set up of high tables, so we chose to be seated at the bar. The restaurant was quite cozy, nicely decorated with Turkish art and lamps (not at all gaudy); it was very busy for a weekday.

We started with some drinks; we ordered Dark Star and Cane Salata. The Dark star came with a base of whiskey but was a bit strong and bitter. However the Cane Salata with a touch of grapefruit, fennel and orange peel tasted refreshing.

To start with, they served complimentary bread with olive oil. The bread was really good.

This restaurant offers multiple special dishes everyday and they have a unique way to serve these dishes. The server will go to each guest table with the prepared plate and describe it. If the guests like it, they will serve the plate. We observed that Sarma keeps changing these special items throughout the night, so each special has limited plates. But there were multiple options that were offered to us. We ordered one special dish that day, though I do not remember the name of it. It was a preparation of grilled eggplant with a layer of tzatziki and garnished with olives, pomegranates on top. It was simple, yet bursting with flavors!

From the menu we ordered lamb köfte sliders, spicy tuna dolma, plantain latke, pomegranate glazed lamb. Each and every dish had a unique flavor. The lamb köfte sliders were simply the best burger I have ever eaten, the lamb was juicy and spiced with Turkish spices; I can go back to the restaurant just for these!

The spicy tuna dolma was a cold dish, served over cucumber; it was delicious.

I loved the plantain latke too! If you take a bite of only the latke, you might not like it. But the way they combined the flavors was very innovative. They smeared the latke with mashed and spiced avocado, then layered some mango relish on top and finally the sprinkled spices made it really yummy!

When we ordered pomegranate glazed lamb, we were expecting kabob type pieces in it. But were pleasantly surprised that instead they served minced lamb stuffed inside chard leaf, which tasted way better than any lamb kabob!

We were quite full by this time. However we were tempted with the desserts that were custom made and served out from an open dessert station right behind the bar. We ordered a frozen yogurt and a loukamades (which is actually ricotta doughnuts). One of the servers recommended that we should get halva caramel and candy bar crunch as toppings with the frozen yogurt; ordering poached pears and fig cheesecake with the loukamades was my idea. I am glad that we did not skip the dessert, it was just so good, specially the doughnuts! It won't be a bad idea to stop by the restaurant late in the night when you get sweet cravings.

Long story short, all the dishes were good and were priced reasonably, ranging between $5 to $17. The plates were not exactly tapas, but were a bit bigger in portion size. They have a private parking lot near the restaurant for guests, which is not very big though. Finding a parking spot on weekends might be tough luck. This restaurant is so busy, I will suggest that you book a table much before. I am pretty sure that the bartender/server were amused to see us order so many dishes, as others who were seated at the bar were mostly snacking and drinking. I am glad that we picked Sarma for our anniversary dinner and we were not disappointed at all.


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