Sunday, March 20, 2016

Maternity Photoshoot

This year I have not done many blog posts. Actually I am consciously investing more time in reading and learning about photography and recently I have had the opportunity to try something new. Until now I have done only food photography and some nature photography. But this is the first time I did a portrait photoshoot. My BFF Pratima was expecting and she asked me to do her maternity photoshoot. I was not very sure in the beginning, but she had full confidence in me. We went around Boston on 2 weekends and did the photoshoot. It turned out to be great! I explored a new style of photography and totally loved it, will love to work more on this format :) I want to thank Pratima and Sumit for their patience and for having confidence in me. And also tons of congratulations for their little bundle of joy! They are blessed with a beautiful baby girl! 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Peek into Nature Through My Lens

Me and my husband love to travel and explore nature, to be away from the crowded cities. Each year we try to visit at least one national park here in USA; by now we have been to most of them. But because of my lazy nature I never end up sorting and sharing our travel pics.
Recently one of my friend tagged me in Facebook challenge to upload nature pictures for one whole week. Thanks to her! Finally this pushed me to dig through my photo archives. It was a fun task.  Here are few of my photos from the challenge and some bonus pics with it :)

On the way from Anchorage to Denali National Park, Alaska

Captured this shot on our cruise trip to Kenai Fjords National Park. It was a 9 hour long trip where you get to see wildlife, glaciers and experience the breathtaking beauty of the Alaskan coast. Whales are a very common sight here; it seemed like they were jumping around just to entertain us

Richardson Highway, Alaska

Mount Hood from our Oregon-Washington trip. This picture was taken from our flight window

This is a photo from the Cherry Blossom festival in DC. On our first trip in 2013, the peak bloom was delayed and we missed it by a few days. Finally in 2015 we got to see the flowers in full bloom. Here are more pics from the festival

Seward Highway, Alaska. The famous Alaskan Railroad!

Sol Duc Falls, Olympic National Park, WA

Mount Rainier. This pic was taken at sun break. No photo can do justice to the beauty of Mount Rainier, you have to simply experience it. We woke up in the middle of the night, drove to the summit while it was still dark and waited there in freezing cold to see the first rays of light reflect off the snow capped mountain

This is a photo from New England's winter last year. I have been living in MA for about 8 years now, where almost 7 months in a year some form of winter surrounds us. No matter how much I hate snow and dread driving on those slippery roads, I still enjoy the early snowfalls of the season and how suddenly everything around us starts looking so beautiful. This photo was taken at a state park near our place. Nothing special to mention about this place, yet the fresh snow cover transformed it to this grandeur view! More pics here.

Sand Dunes national park in Colorado. Even though we have visited quite a few National Parks, Colorado will always be special for us. Colorado can mesmerize you easily with its beauty, be it the Sand Dunes or the Rocky mountains!

Denali national park, Alaska